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Brow Semi Permanent tattoo

It’s pretty amazing how much brow definition can change the look of your face. We’ve seen the microblading craze over the last few years, but have you heard of microshading? This technique is a relatively newbie brow tattoo service that creates a more natural-looking brow using small dots, rather than strokes.

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Hypoallergenic honey wax

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Full body waxing

The Model Lies on the Procedure of Lamination of the Eyebrows Th

Brow lamination

The Master Applies Wax with a Wooden Stick to Remove Excess Hair

Brow waxing

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bikini treatment

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Service: Brazilian waxing

She is amazing! I was Nervous at first, she talked me through it. Very friendly, and definitely a perfectionist.

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This place is amazing! I came for a Brazilian wax and must I say the results are amazing! This was my first time here and I will definitely be returning!

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Love this place! Tempestt is consistent & so professional! I always have a great experience and she always works in a timely manner.

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Devoted to our clients ✨

We believe in making every visit and unforgettable experience. You will love the atmosphere here at Ocean wax & Co. Our wax experts makes you comfortable while providing the best service.

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